Very Cool Letter Manipulation Logo designs

I've always appreciated logo designs that used letters as symbols and logo designers that transformed initials into iconic images through letter manipulation. Its always interesting to see letters taking shape of objects, living creatures or virtual imaginary icons through smart and creative techniques that logo designers use. The challenge when applying the letter manipulation technique to transform an initial into a strong symbol is to see beyond the primary shape of the letter and to find connections with the object you are trying to represent. I've made a selection of smart and very cool logo designs who's icons are obtained by transforming one or more letters into powerful and appealing icons that are fun and memorable, from cows and birds to ice cream and musical notes.


Falcon Express Logo by ru_ferret


Futureworks Logo by Breno Bitencourt


Heritage Logo by Glen Hobbs


Nulaz Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


Bobry Logo by ru_ferret


Beat Fettish Logo by vernics


Robin Logo by ru_ferret


Gelato Vero Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


Outlet Logo by higher


Reach Logo by tkhoury


Bread Logo by cresk


Weber Logo by Mathias Hoeckmeier


Hercules Logo by tkhoury


Jupiter Logo by Stelian Vasile


Da Bomb Logo by Ian O'Hanlon