Very cool movie and film logo design

With the development of the digital media, soon enough we'll find film (the usable object) only in images, museums and logo design. As many other things, film reels tend to become more of a symbol and less of a real, usable element. It is interesting the fact that logo designers choose a dated (almost vintage now) element such as the film to represent a very progressive and creative business such as movie making. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to encounter such great creativity that logo designers put on display when using one single element such as a film or film reel. Here's a great selection of cool movies and film logo designs.

LightRay Studio Logo by Lorena e Bernardo


Crown Motion Pictures Logo by Kepelikini


Heaven Films Logo by Craig Russell


Future Works Logo by Breno Bitencourt


SoBe Films Logo by Miš i Pile


Magic Carpet Productions Logo by captiv8


MovieBox Logo by Mathias Hoeckmeier


Surreel Moving Pictures Logo by Kepelikini


Reel Farm Logo by michaelspitz


LongShot Logo by Kepelikini


Film House Logo by Muamer Adilovic


Cake Film Logo by Alen Pavlovic


Phil Seneker Logo by Gareth Hardy


Carousel Media Logo by Ian O'Hanlon


Toot Productions Logo by Lorena e Bernardo


Make Dox Logo by Amir Karahasan


The Cut Company Logo by reghardt


Flik Bomb Logo by Kepelikini


Film Reel Logo by riyas


RT Film Logo by bebeto66


Show Off Logo by Alen Pavlovic