What to charge for logo design

You are a logo designer adept at creating a nice way for companies to show off who they are to others. That is why you might be in demand when it comes to putting together high-quality logo design for others.

All this sounds like a really good idea on paper, but the problem remains a financial one. Just what do you charge for your services?

It is one thing for an editor to charge for his or her work if it means strictly checking copy for errors, mistakes and clarity. If you are a writer, you might charge per word.

What does a designer charge? It largely depends on the work done.

Complicated or simple?

If they want something simple, maybe hand-drawn and not complicated to do at all, you might get away with charging a smaller company under $100 to design something for company letterhead or business cards. Some online companies may even go as low as $25 or $50 for their services depending on how much work is done.

If your logo design involves going on computer and using an artist program to paint or create shapes and symbols, this is where you can get into larger amounts. Depending on the intricacy of the project, it is not impossible to go up to $500 or as much as $1,000 depending on if you get complicated with the design.

If your client wants a complicated job, then you should be prepared to quote a higher price. If the client balks, then tell him or her up front how much work you will put into the project. The chances are the client will understand once you break down the costs.

How much work do you have?

If you do a lot of this type of logo design work, then you might get away with charging a lower rate. Where a client that only does one or two of these projects per week may charge in the $400-$500 range, a client with four or five of these jobs might charge something like $200-$300. He or she makes money, maybe even a little bit more on the top.

Work done in bulk isn't necessarily a bad thing. You might charge a little more because you put more work into it early on, but as you get more comfortable doing the work then you can lower the price. Work done in bulk can carry a lower price tag. As you get more adept at logo design, you can charge a little less and work a little more.


Starting out, you might be a little afraid to charge a higher amount. Simply explain your services and why you charge what you do, and that will answer questions.

Then start slow with the work before you add on more work. You can get your feet wet before you move up to the next level.

Soon, logo design will be elementary and you will be making money.