A work of love: heart logo design

It is all about love isn't it? The heart is probably one of the first things we've learned to draw, one of the easiest things that we could draw and one of the things that has become a self explanatory symbol and has so little to do with the actual organ which the word depicts. Have you seen an actual heart? It looks nothing like the symbol we design, draw, paint or even imagine. But it seems to have everything to do with how we feel, think or act. When designing a logo, every designer hopes that maybe some day that symbol will stand for a memorable brand, that it would ignite passions, that it would make people talk about it. When designing a logo, every designer hopes that someday it would turn into a love mark.

With these thoughts in mind as my premises, I researched the way designers use the heart symbol in their logo designs, what value does it receive and what message does it send across, besides the obvious. In the western or western influenced cultures the heart symbol is associated with love, a superficial feeling though, one that comes and goes, and can change with every valentine's day. In middle orient cultures the heart (the concept not the symbol) is associated with the center of one's personality representing much more than a fluctuant feeling.

Let's explore a bit the use of the heart symbol in logo designers work covering different fields.


Loveclip Logo by designabot


Friends of the sea Logo by Vibor Viskovic


Zoomania Pet Shop Logo by ru_ferret


3Dmotional Logo by DaveGraphics


Valeen Logo by Euan Mackenzie


Everyteen Beautiful Logo by Lunde


Lovepuzzle Logo by turbinski


Beatlove Logo by Josiah Jost


Love Yarn by almosh82


Complicated Love Logo by Arnas Goldbergas


Save Music Logo by Lunde


Sex Lovers Logo by Brigada Creativa


Works of Love Photography Logo by Chad Sanderson


All Heart Production Logo by Brandon Barnard


We Heart Short Films Logo by Penflare


Diamond Heart Logo by gravitart


sa Logo by Choerte