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When it comes to good logo design there is no rest for the weary. Just a while ago, seemingly every new logo incorporated the wave design. But that trend has come to an end. As the wave minimalist fad in logo design begins to wane, it becomes more important to determine other, equally effective ways of using bold colors in your logo and in printing brochures, posters, websites or other marketing material.

Tutorial on how to create nice little metal buttons that can also be used as icons. Everything in this video is 100% vector so it can be used virtually anywhere!

A logo design is a graphical representation of the symbol of a company, organization, firm, product, service, and sometimes certain places. Your logo is the base on which you build your company or organization a brand.

For this Illustrator Tutorial was used Illustrator CS4 to draw this nice little 3D box which can easily be edited for use in tons of different ways! The beauty of this box is that it is all vector and very easy to use in a wide number of different editing programs! We will take a look at mapping artwork, using the 3D effect, effects in general, creating a reflection, and a bit of masking as well.

The company that helps HP and other companies give away gear on blogs (like this one) has a new name and is looking for a new logo. The company formerly known as Buzz Corps needs some help designing a logo around its new name Ivy Worldwide.

This video is a tutorial on how to create a rotating 3D logo. The programs used in this tutorial are: Photoshop, Cinema 4d and After Effects.

Cool girl drawing in Adobe Illustrator CS3