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It's time for the Logo of the Month again, when we select ten of the best logo designs posted on The Logo Mix gallery within the last 30 days or so. We've witnessed again a tough competition and we present you with the beautiful and inspirational design work of the winners. Check out this month's selection and get ready to be impressed by great design ideas and amazing execution. Enjoy! ...and, hey, don't forget to leave a word of congrats for the worthy designers.

Some of the best bands of all times.

This edition of The Logo Mix interviews features a special guest, a logo designer that is highly appreciated by our visitors, a regular high-end contributor and a several times winner of The Logo of the Month selection. Allow me to introduce to you Jon Stapp, alias ATOMICvibe, award winning graphic designer, with a special love for logo and visual identity design. Speaking about his venture name, Jon calls it an "a-HA" moment of creative clarity and says that, like nuclear fusion, the ATOMICvibe is the point at which tiny ideas coalesce, and then explode into beautiful design. We're honored and happy to present you an interview with one of the most appreciated logo designers here at The Logo Mix. Enjoy!

Almost the entire Europe is watching football (or soccer for the US speaking readers) and we thought we'd dedicate this post to the most important football or soccer event of the year, the UEFA European Football Championship. With football, everything is about that round ball that ignites so much passion and gives the world some of the most fanatic supporters. Drama and excitement, tears of joy and tears of sorrow, happiness and deep sadness, you'll find them all on the football field, stirred up by a ball that gets or not into the net. "The ball is round" they say, meaning that you don't know who gets to be the winners until the game is over. To this capricious round ball, that keeps us all with our souls to our mouths, we dedicate this post. Check out some amazing logo designs inspired by the football or soccer ball.

We're back with our usual monthly Top Ten featuring some of the best logo designs posted in our gallery last month. We were preparing for a close race for the Logo of the month when atomicvibe posted some of his work a threw our top up side down. It was kind of a "vini, vidi, vici" type thing. He came by at the end of the month and swipe us off our feet with an amazing design work. So, yeah, maybe I spoiled the surprise this time unveiling the winner from the very beginning, but this kind of work simply deserved the praise. I'm really not trying to diminish in any way the rest of the beautiful logos that make out top this month. They're totally worthy of your words of love an appreciation. So don't withhold them… post your comments and let the winners know they are amazing logo designers.

These are the logos that can or used to make any kid happy.

An important part of being a freelancer is managing yourself as a one individual business. Now I remember a while back when I told a friend that together with my wife we're a business of two people… myself working on projects and my wife managing things. And the guy said something like "What's she managing? You?" We had a laugh back then, but I knew exactly that managing things and projects was a full time job. A crucial thing for any successful small business or freelancer is getting money in. Let's say you completed the project successfully, got client's agreement on everything… Now what?