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The badge style logo designs seem to be very much in trend these days, despite the fact that the trendsetter Starbucks just gave up the badge style logo and moved to something more simple. There is though a vintage influence in logo design that cannot be missed and it can be assumed as being guilty for the badge style trend in logo design. The main characteristics of badge style logos are the elements comprised in a compact shape, usually a circle, exceptions apply obviously. The logo designers imprint a modern slant to the logos which bring the vintage style to today. Check out this great selection of badge logo designs!

In a world where people fight for animal rights, where we tread animals as companions, in a world where we invented a whole industry to treat and care for pets, branding and implicit logo design followed shortly. We've seen a huge diversity of ideas and styles put into logo designs meant to brand companies or individuals that activate in the pet care industry. The Logo Mix gallery is host to lots of very good logo designs destined to the animal companions industry. We've made a selection of the best pet logo designs that are cool and inspiring.

Great diversity, lots of style and a very tight competition to award the top logos posted on The Logo Mix gallery in the month of May 2011. From simple, monochromatic shapes to complex, multi layered designs, we've tried to cover and appreciate a wide range of logo designs and identify the ones that impressed us the most. Check out this great selection with the best logo design posted on The Logo Mix gallery in the month of May 2011 and I'm sure you'll find them truly inspiring.

Can a dog or a car be in a post about leaves in logo design? The answer is affirmative if we're talking about an eco pup or a eco car. A green leaf will make any logo design eco these days. Its a symbol that became so powerful that everyone is able to decode its meaning at a mere glance. Besides that, a leaf is a popular symbol, a natural shape that can be designed in thousands of variations without loosing its perception. It is still recognized weather its a simple line design or a complex, detailed one. A leaf stands for life, growth and development, but also for beauty and delicacy. You'll find it used in many forms, in an incredible multitude of designs. Check out this cool selection of leafy logo designs and observe the variety of applications and meaning.

Every designer wants to design a star, figuratively. We all want our logo designs to become famous and have impact, build the foundation of a strong, recognizable brand. Some of us are lucky, talented and inspired enough to manage to do so. Many logo designers use the symbol of a star, to create awesome logos, literally. A star stands for quality, for a goal that needs to be reached or achieved. A star is an eye catcher, and stands for beauty and luminosity. It expresses a higher standard, an ideal and a desired place or state. Check out this cool selection of star logo designs and get inspired to design your own star logo. Literally or figuratively!

You'll have to agree with me that vintage style is in trend these days. Not many logos are done in a pure retro design style, but more logos seem to adopt elements or characteristics of the vintage trend. I've made a selection of the best logo designs that use vintage elements, posted here at the LogoMix gallery and I tried to identify what are the main characteristics used to achieve or to imprint a vintage feel to a logo design. Here is what I've observed. Feel free to approve or disapprove with my list of elements, or to add your own.

Sometimes you feel the need for something light and refreshing. And what could be more inspiring than a basket of fresh fruit logo designs. The diverse shapes and great colors are very appealing wether designed in great details or using just a few simple lines. Here's a nice fruit logo salad that is colorful and energetic.

I loved boats ever since I was a little kid and made model ships at the kid's club. The flowing shapes, the sails, the anchor, the helm, the wooden floors and the small cosy cabins with round, waterproof windows, they were all things to dream about. If sea stands for the concept of mystery and hidden things, a boat or a ship is an element of exploration and discovery, the frail home of the brave adventurer, who launches itself into the great unknown. Used figuratively to represent a concept, or literally, a ship and the related elements are always intriguing, an invitation to go out and beyond to break barriers and limitations and achieve new goals. I have tried it and I must admit it is a challenge to design a logo that implies sailing elements, but in the same time the logo designers featured in this post have done a great job with their cool sailing related logo designs. Using a great level of details of just a few elements, through their logo designs, they have managed to tell stories of sailing and sea.

With the development of the digital media, soon enough we'll find film (the usable object) only in images, museums and logo design. As many other things, film reels tend to become more of a symbol and less of a real, usable element. It is interesting the fact that logo designers choose a dated (almost vintage now) element such as the film to represent a very progressive and creative business such as movie making. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to encounter such great creativity that logo designers put on display when using one single element such as a film or film reel. Here's a great selection of cool movies and film logo designs.

Great concepts and great stories for the logos in top ten at The LogoMix this month. We've looked for famous, we've looked for excellent execution, we've looked for eye candy, but mainly we've looked for logos that manage to tell a story, logo designs that impress also the mind and the soul, not only the eye. Tough selectin agian, and it was exceptionally hard to get our top ten from our 15 logo design shortlist. They all were very good logos and some were very hard not to include in this list. In the end though, only one is declared the logo of the month and the winner is...

As a child, I was very keen and I tried so many times to capture a butterfly. To my surprise, the little creature was spoiled and the amazing colors on its wings vanished under my touch. I learned one thing back then, you just can't pet a butterfly. But you sure can use it to create awesome logo designs. It is a joy to watch a butterfly, its constantly changing colors, its lightness and amazing dynamics. Beyond everything a butterfly stands for softness and fragility, lightness and movement. Its beauty makes it so appealing and the remarkable colors get the eyes. It is amazing to discover the diversity of logo designs that use a butterfly as a symbol, counting on a very easy recognizable shape, great balance, soft and flowing lines and dynamic construction. Enjoy a great and diverse selection of very well designed butterfly logos.

Easter has become a very eclectic celebration, everyone is sending out cards and messages and beyond the main meaning of the event, Easter has gathered a lot of cultural elements, items that we can spot in the related logo designs. With this occasion we've put up a small but cool selection of Easter related logo designs, logos that are smart and well design and nevertheless inspiring. Hapy Easter everyone!

Easter is Christianity's greatest celebration. Nowadays Easter had dissipated somehow its original message and was embellished with cultural elements meant to soften the powerful meaning of the event. Easter bunnies, painted eggs, spring elements have all now their place in this celebration. We will have a look at all these elements in a following post. Today though, I've chosen an element that is central to the Easter events, the cross, and have looked at the way designers interpreted it graphically and incorporated it into logo designs.

The other day I was working on a logo project for a sport shirts online shop and was searching for ideas while keeping an eye on what other designers have done in terms of shirt logo design. I've discovered some very cool ideas, fun and surprisingly different. T-shirts say more about our personality than any other clothing item, they are informal and we usually choose them because we like them and wear them according to our state of mind. A logo design for a t-shirt company should express just that, being fun, unique and appealing. Check out this selection of t-shirt logo designs.

To play is fun at any age, and playing with logo designs is no different. As a logo designer sometimes you just feel the need to get away from the corporate rigour and have some fun with simple but clever and beautiful shapes. Kids and toys are two concepts that go together like coffe and milk, they were invented one for the other and complete each other perfectly. Play was invented for kids and toys were invented for the play. Here's a selection of very cool kids and toys logo design that are fun and very well designed.