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Symbols can be used to exploit the most unconscious-level of human desire, and they are able to create associations between a company and what the company stands for. Some might argue that the logo is in fact a symbol. And in some cases it is true. The symbol only logos are so famous that they don't need the company name attached to be recognizable.

Sometimes a typeface seems to be just enough to serve as an inspiration for a logo design idea. With a smart tweak and a bit of color, a typeface could work very well in representing a company or organization's brand. I admire the designers that were able to see beyond the text font in front of them and, through selecting an appropriate typeface, making adjustments to it and adding a specific color scheme, they were able to come up with amazing text based logo designs.

I alway like to keep handy different design ideas before approaching a new logo project. So i thought i'm going to do a series of logo design ideas and post here. The first approach is to use a photography to design a logo element or symbol. This is especially appropriate when in need of a natural element, like a flower, a tree, a fruit or a landscape and has the advantage of giving the final product a sort of natural or wild appearance.

I was often intrigued by the combination of impressively well designed logo symbol and poorly chosen typography. Its like dressing up for a party and not choosing the right clothing.

"What is the preferred color scheme?" we often ask our clients before designing a logo and the answer we expect is not in terms of the color they personally like, but in terms of the character they want to inprint the logo and the message they want to transmit through color.

A shape will always convey a message about the character of a logo and implicit the company, organization or person it represents. The shape is the essence of what we remember and a logo should involve a shape that is appropriate and memorable. Our brain loves to use shape to identify things, because it can do it very quickly.

A few days ago I've posted a blog about the Romanian tourist brand. I wasnt able to fully appreciate it because of the controversial leaf design element. I still can't. But i did look over the fence into other countrys' backyard and see what they've come up with in terms of national tourism branding.

Let's play a little game called "find the similarities". When it comes to logo design, this game should be hard, as originality and creative features and elements should be key to designing a logo.