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So last week I started with the American football logos, for the weekly sports logos. Today I will continue with American football logos part 2 :).

Personally, I really like bugs and insects. I think they are amazing little creatures. Even more amazing is what some talented designers managed to create using bugs, insects and a lot of creativity. Not sure if you are a fan of bugs and insects, but i'm certain you will enjoy these bugs and insects logos.

I'm sure everyone got bored of the European football logos. So I thought that it will be nice if I'll feature American football logos for the next few weekly sports blog posts.

I was always fascinated as a kid by the things you could do with paper - what now fascinates me is what some people do with their illustration software to make computer generated art look like paper made logos - below is a nice collection of origami logos. Feel fee to suggest other origami logos you know.

Today in the weekly football logos listing, we'll be featuring the German league, Bundesliga.

Even though the present league structure is new (since 1991), Bundesliga is one of the best rated leagues in the world.

The Spanish football league was founded in 1929, many of these teams still use their original logos so don't be hasty to judge them, keep in mind that most of these logos are very old.

England is the country that invented football. Below are listed the logos of the teams that will play this year in Premier League.

Nice selection of church & religious logo designs.


Football is the most advertised sport in the world. Like in everything but maybe even more in football, the logo is crucial for a team.

World Cup is such a big event. Every 4 years all our eyes are on the country that organize this event.

For one month all you hear is: WORLD CUP!... It's been the same this year...

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