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You should see further than your own aesthetic taste when choosing a logo design for your company.

Aware of the increasing number of similar business similar to yours, you decide it's time to stand tall among your competitors. As an important step in promoting your business product is choosing a good logo design, you think it's time to have one.

A journey into the world of four non-profit organizations and the story behind their logos.

Jon Klassen is a famous illustrator and designer born in Canada but now based in LA California. He worked for many famous clients including BBC and U2.

Logo design is the graphical representation of a business, a tool that gives the first impression of a business.

A unique, recognizable identity or 'corporate logo' has become an essential part of business strategy and success so it's vital that proper consideration be given to this aspect.

A brand represents the spirit and the soul of a company. The customer's perception brings a brand to life; a brand isn't what marketers say it is but what the customer thinks it is. For a brand the customer is the alfa and omega.

Jon Klassen is a famous illustrator and designer born in Canada but now based in LA California. He worked for many famous clients including BBC and U2.

We all know that promotion needs a little "extra" to really hit the spot. It seems Peter Shankman had that "extra" when he decided to go for an unconventional business card.

Some of the things that don't match a BMW are white ribbons or flowers on a wedding occasion.. I remember laughing inside myself when I saw one wearing such accessories.

Michael Kutsche is an award-winning Conceptual Artist/ Illustrator and 3d Artist located in Los Angeles who has worked for the vfx industry since 1998. His experiences reach from art directing and animating commercials and music videos to character design for feature film projects.

A successful logo design possesses the following traits: simplicity, style, and visibility. The company’s name should be clearly legible yet stylish and unique. The logo design may say something about the company’s history, its products and its values. A good design is invaluable in raising the profile of a fashion house as it has the ability to set it apart in the field.

The logo of Coca-Cola drawn in flowing handwriting became through years a distinctive and unique trademark for the first drink sold at an Atlanta pharmacy.

At first, the inventor of Coca-Cola, John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist, started by making a cocawine called Pemberton's French Wine Coca, in 1885. It is possible that his invention was inspired by the great success of European Angelo Mariani's cocawine, Vin Mariani.

A business logo design is often the first impression a potential customer has of a company. It suggests many things about the company, including:

Vince Fraser is a freelance digital illustrator / designer based in London who has worked for various clients including British Airways, PC World, BBC and T-mobile.
With ten years experience in the field of digital arts he is one of the most sought after image-makers working today. Having originally come from an interior design background, the progression to digital arts was a natural one.

What has been an existential question for Hamlet many centuries ago, may just as well become as live and death a question for any company or business. When it comes to who they are and how they are perceived by the world around them, redesigning should be a option, always at hand.