apple logo

Out of all our everyday gadgets, the most common thing that we are using is probably our mobile phone.

Symbols can be used to exploit the most unconscious-level of human desire, and they are able to create associations between a company and what the company stands for. Some might argue that the logo is in fact a symbol. And in some cases it is true. The symbol only logos are so famous that they don't need the company name attached to be recognizable.

It was 1976 and Jobs has been spending time on a friend’s farm picking apples when he told Wozniak of his idea for the name of their fledgling I.T. company. Was picking apples the inspiration? Perhaps one fell on his head and knocked free this gem of creativity, a-la Sir Issac Newton? Perhaps he just wanted to be ahead of Atari in the phone book? Whatever the case, Wozniak was equally taken with the moniker and the name stuck. All they needed then was a logo.