art logo design

Let's admit it. Pen and paper are a designer's ultimate tools. Even if we don't use it as much these days, when we're trying to represent ourselves as designers, most of us would use a pen as an illustrative element. Most of our work is done using a computer and some illustration software, but let's face it… everyone of us starts sketching an idea using a pen on a piece of paper. Maybe you guessed… This is a blog post featuring a selection of logo designs dedicate to "the mighty pen" and everything it stands for… the element that captures our creative juices and transforms them into first drafts, into ideas that catch life on paper, or anything you find to scribble on. Check out this cool selection of pen logo designs and get some creative ideas yourself.

Even if the hand drawing is not my strong asset, when designing a logo, before starting up Illustrator, I still use a pen to scribble something on a piece of paper… a sketch, couple of lines, rough ideas for a layout… they all take shape first by using a pen on a piece of paper. Even if technology got in our way, we still need that ancient contact between the pen and the paper to spiel the ideas out of our heads. A pen and a sketch notebook are essential to any designer. To pay tribute to the essential tools we use everyday, we present you a selection of beautiful writing tools logo designs. Pens, paper, pencils, crayons... they all make our life as logo designers easier each day. Check out this cool collection of writing tools logo designs.