famous logo design

The history of the company goes back to 1909 when August Horch founded the company and named it Audi, a Latin translation of his own name. "Audi" was actually the Latin word for "hear", which in German is sometimes pronounced "hoerch". At the time Horch founded the company, the logo had little in common with today's logo or the famous "four rings". It consisted of the writing of Audi in a V-shape and the number 1 on top.

It is time now for another sip of great beer. If Carlsberg is probably the best beer in the world, Heineken is probably the best known. With over 130 breweries in more than 65 countries the company brews and sells more than 170 international premium, regional, local and specialty beers, of which Heineken keeps the top of the list.

In our famous logo design history section we've had some sports logos, then some food logos and now seems to be the time for a sip of famous beer. Established in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen, Carlsberg brewery pioneered refrigeration techniques, steam brewing and the propagation of one single yeast strain, and it is recognized today as probably the best beer in the world.

To use or not to use a human face in a logo design... that is the question! One can argue over the subject, balance the pros and cons, but against all the odds KFC has done it using the Colonel Sanders' face as the company icon. A human face you can love or hate, you can like or dislike, but you will surely love this guy after you've tasted his chicken.

It's probably partly because I'm hungry right now and partly because i believe that McDonald's has nail it with lots of things but especially with the french fries. McDonald's has one of the best recognized logos worldwide that sometimes becomes synonymous with fast food. When you are a player into the global market, a powerful visual identity that gets you out of the crowd and positions you as a leader is of crucial importance.

After the previous posts about Adidas and Puma logo history, it is time to take a look at probably the best known and loved sports brand in the world, Nike. We are all familiar with the Nike Swoosh logo, endorsed by a huge list of superstars such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova, Venus and Serena Williams, a list that could go on and on. The swoosh symbol that is now so famous and loved had a feeble start, and as in any great story, it went from a humble beginning to an incredible future.