flower logo design

After a long and snowy winter, with turns and returns, I think its only fair to say that spring is here. We have a saying that goes something like…"A blossoming flower doesn't bring back spring!" but how about fifteen flower logo designs? Well, anything, that brings the sun back up on the sky and warms the weather, works for me. And, as long as I feel spring on my monitor, I should be happy enough. This weekend we bring you a very nice spring flowery logo design selection to bright up your days and inspire your work. Check it out and give a thumb up for the talented logo designers!

I alway like to keep handy different design ideas before approaching a new logo project. So i thought i'm going to do a series of logo design ideas and post here. The first approach is to use a photography to design a logo element or symbol. This is especially appropriate when in need of a natural element, like a flower, a tree, a fruit or a landscape and has the advantage of giving the final product a sort of natural or wild appearance.