free fonts

Choosing the right typeface for your logo design project can either make it or break it. It is that crucial to nail down the wordmark. Correct me if I'm wrong, but sometimes you need to peruse through hundreds of fonts, until you find the perfect one, the one that adds value to your design, the one that makes it shine. To give you a bit of help with that, here is a selection of very cool free fonts, handpicked for your next logo design project. Check them out and you might find the perfect suit for your logo.

A couple of days ago I was in search of some sketchy fonts for a project and I was especially after some fonts that looked hand-drawn. I was working on some illustration that needed to look like pencil colored and I was in need of a font type that would go along that line. I surfed through some resource websites that I had saved in my browser's bookmarks and then, being unable to find anything suitable there, I turned to the ultimate free font resource I've also found a couple of promissing fonts on Fonts2U via Webdesignerwall. The search led me to a handfull of very nice sketchy free fonts out of which I finally selected the winner for my project, Handvetica. Here is my selection of free hand-drawn sketchy fonts. If you're in need of a typeface along these lines, it might save you precious time.

Today at our Friday Fonts, we invite you to download and play with a few fonts from Dirt2. Below is a small selection from their free fonts collection - feel free to browse, install and buy a licence if you use them for commercial purposes. Enjoy!

Today at our Friday Fonts, we invite you to download and play with a few fonts from BVFonts. Below is a small selection from their free fonts collection - feel free to browse and buy some of their commercial fonts as well. Enjoy!

For this Friday Fonts we want to present to you a designer that worked for Adidas, Vitra, Toyota, Cadbury and other great names. His name is Jakob Nylund the founder and designer of Just-my-type. Enjoy!

It is Friday already and we are back with a nice collection of open fonts from The League of Moveable Type where you can find well-made, free & open-source, @font-face ready fonts. Enjoy.

Fonts play an important role in most logo designs and finding the right font is not the easiest job most of the times. Friday seems like a perfect day to try new typefaces and discover some inspiring font designers. Enjoy!