Kids Logo design

1st of June is on its way and everyone is thinking about children, the ones around us or the little kid hidden inside our souls… So we're dedicating this post to all the children out there… When designing a children logo, be it for apparel, toy, foundation or event, as designers we need to reach inside ourselves for a certain sensibility, we need to go back to basics and make use of simple elements and colors. The communication through design has to be straight forward, striped of anything that is not really necessary, reduced to the most important things. No matter how light or intricate your style is, when designing with children in mind, the idea needs to speak to the little ones as much as to the adults, the design needs to be on the common ground of playfulness and simplicity. Most of all though, the design addressed to children must tell a story without words, the logo needs to be "readable" to those who can't read yet. Check out this beautiful selection of children logo designs and reach for the child inside yourself.