logo design cost

You are a logo designer adept at creating a nice way for companies to show off who they are to others. That is why you might be in demand when it comes to putting together high-quality logo design for others.

All this sounds like a really good idea on paper, but the problem remains a financial one. Just what do you charge for your services?

Logos play and extremely important part in business and brand identification.  They often serve as the first communication for customers and are easily recognizable, some so much so that they are now synonymous with the companies.  For a small business looking to buy a logo design, it may be difficult to know what they should expect to pay.  Because every logo is unique, it's almost impossible to put a price tag on them and while some companies like Pepsi pay up to $1,000,000 for logo re-design, others like Google paid $0 for the original design.  However, there is some information small businesses will find useful in terms of gaging the pricing when they are ready to buy a logo.