Logo Design

Sometimes you need to play to get the creative juices flowing. Even the simplest idea  can give you a boost in the creative process especially when used to the potential. So i was thinking to go back in time to elementary school and work with an idea that we used to play with back then. We are going to create a butterfly logo out of paint.

ADIDAS is a name that stands for professionalism and high quality in all sectors of sport around the globe. Today, the Adidas brand product range extends from shoes, apparel and accessories for basketball, soccer, fitness and training to adventure, trail and golf.

"What is the preferred color scheme?" we often ask our clients before designing a logo and the answer we expect is not in terms of the color they personally like, but in terms of the character they want to inprint the logo and the message they want to transmit through color.

A shape will always convey a message about the character of a logo and implicit the company, organization or person it represents. The shape is the essence of what we remember and a logo should involve a shape that is appropriate and memorable. Our brain loves to use shape to identify things, because it can do it very quickly.

Let's play a little game called "find the similarities". When it comes to logo design, this game should be hard, as originality and creative features and elements should be key to designing a logo.

World Cup is such a big event. Every 4 years all our eyes are on the country that organize this event.

For one month all you hear is: WORLD CUP!... It's been the same this year...

If you still haven't decided yet to get a logo for your company, here are ten reasons why you should

A brand represents the spirit and the soul of a company. The customer's perception brings a brand to life; a brand isn't what marketers say it is but what the customer thinks it is. For a brand the customer is the alfa and omega.

Hello there. We're continuing our series of "Top 10" posts with some amazing logo designs inspired by the living creatures around us. Yes, logo designs for and inspired by animals.


Leading Online Aussie Logo Company Launches 100% Filipino Outsourced Logo Service. Unfortunately we were getting squeezed by online global competitors in the U.S. and U.K says Lara Johnson.

 Aiming to stay relevant, Microsoft is introducing a new look for its MSN.com home page.

Although MSN gets far less attention than the company's Bing or Windows Live efforts, the home page remains an important economic engine for Microsoft's online business, as well as a significant source of search traffic for Bing. 

Here is a handpicked selection of the best looking health and beauty logos. Enjoy!

Fountaindale Public Library will be accepting entries into its logo design contest through Nov. 1. "With a new building on the way, we thought it would be good to have a new logo to go with it," said Kathy Spindel, treasurer of the library board and member of the Logo Design Committee.

A new county council logo which incorporates the traditional emblem of Staffordshire has been introduced.

As part of its new $12 million proposed comprehensive campaign strategy, Elizabeth City State University unveiled its new Web site and logo design last week. Sherri Belfield, director of marketing at ECSU, said the new logo and slogan — elevate higher, emerge stronger — is a new brand, which will help raise the university’s profile in the community and beyond.