logo interview

This edition of The Logo Mix interviews features a special guest, a logo designer that is highly appreciated by our visitors, a regular high-end contributor and a several times winner of The Logo of the Month selection. Allow me to introduce to you Jon Stapp, alias ATOMICvibe, award winning graphic designer, with a special love for logo and visual identity design. Speaking about his venture name, Jon calls it an "a-HA" moment of creative clarity and says that, like nuclear fusion, the ATOMICvibe is the point at which tiny ideas coalesce, and then explode into beautiful design. We're honored and happy to present you an interview with one of the most appreciated logo designers here at The Logo Mix. Enjoy!

We're back, alive and kicking with designers' interview here at The Logo Mix, and this time we're featuring a young logo designer, young not only by age, but also by the short period of time since he's joined the logo designers' guild. With a background in Economics, designing logos only from a couple of years ago, Felix has already made an impact, his logo work being recognized by prestige galleries such as the Logolounge and featured around the logo design community websites. He's also won The Logo of the Month, here at The Logo Mix a couple of times with the well known "OKstag" and the lovely "Polar Bear", so he's already inspired and is well appreciated by our gallery visitors. Felix has been kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions for us and here you can enjoy the resulting interview.

We have the pleasure to bring you an interview with one of today's most prolific logo designers, an artist who's work has been recognized and featured on over two dozen books on logo design, identity and graphic design. He's been designing logos for more that 20 years, and I'm sure I am not mistaken to say that for many of us, his work has been truly inspirational. Fellow designers, we present you Leighton Hubbell, award-winning logo and graphic designer, who's been kind to take some time out of his busy schedule and share with us a bit about his experience and design work. Enjoy!

When I first saw the The Caribbean Energy Conference logo I was curios to discover more about the designer behind that awesome logo. In time, looking at the work of Alex Tass I discovered a young, creative and talented designer that came up with new and fresh ideas for his logos. Earlier this month Alex took some time from his busy schedule to talk with us about his work and his life as a logo designer. Enjoy!

It is hard not to notice Nikita's logos in any logo gallery he posts his work on. They are fresh, detailed and a pleasure to view. He had the kindness to answer our questions and we are happy to show you the resulting interview. Enjoy.

We've discovered almosh82 a while back when we were planning The Logo Mix and were scouting for talented logo designers to feature in our logo design gallery. We thought his work was very professional with a clean style, a clear story and a superb execution.

We've asked Shyam if he would agree to share with us a bit from his experience as a logo designer. He was kind to answer all of our questions and you can read the interview below. Enjoy!