pet logos

For our midweek logo selection we prepared a very cool collection of dog logo designs. Varying from cute to fears, from natural looking to bionic or toyish, you'll find a great variety of dog logo designs concepts and styles. Now everyone knows that the dog is considered the man's best friend, a symbol for loyalty, playfulness and friendship. But in the same time a dog logo concept could explore more than that, developing the idea of care, training or pathfinder. Check out this cool selection of dog logo design and get inspired to maybe design you own pet logo design.

In a world where people fight for animal rights, where we tread animals as companions, in a world where we invented a whole industry to treat and care for pets, branding and implicit logo design followed shortly. We've seen a huge diversity of ideas and styles put into logo designs meant to brand companies or individuals that activate in the pet care industry. The Logo Mix gallery is host to lots of very good logo designs destined to the animal companions industry. We've made a selection of the best pet logo designs that are cool and inspiring.