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May is here and we're back with a new Logos of the Month selection. Given that the number of logo designs added to the logo gallery in April was huge, we've had a hard time picking just ten logos. We have decided than instead of just having 10 best logos, we will expand the selection and create a longer logo design list.

The logo of the month top ten blog post is here, featuring the best logo designs posted on the Logo Mix Gallery in the month of April 2012. We've had some great logo designs posted last month, which made the decision to select only ten designs, difficult enough. We put our heads together and, heavy heartedly, pushed out of the list a few of our favorites to give you the best of the best logo designs. Check out the greatest top logo designs of the month of April 2012 and leave a nice comment for the worthy designers.

It's been another great year here at The Logo Mix logo design gallery! We've seen a double number of logo designs posted in 2011, lots of you guys trusted us with your work and posted a record number of great and original logos for sale, and above all, the talent, skills and inspiration of great designers just shun through the outstanding logo designs posted on our gallery.

However hard it was to pick up just 25 of the best logo designs, we managed to make a selection of the greatest logos to represent all the wonderful work posted on the Logo Mix this year.

Thank you all for sharing your logos and inspiring us and we wish you an outstanding and prosperous New Year!

The Logo Mix Team!

We've all seen great logo designs posted last year and because we're still close to 2010 we've decided to showcase some exceptional logo designs featuring animals. Enjoy!

What a great year we've seen here at The Logo Mix! Over 1000 logos posted in 2010, a ten time increase in web traffic, and above all, a great inspiring year because of you, the amazing logo designers that create magic with vectors and light up our days with your talent and skills.

It was extremely hard to pick up 50 logos to showcase and I do believe more could've been added to this list. However, since we've wanted to limit the number to 50, here is our selection of the greatest logos we've seen this year.

Thank you all and we wish you an inspiring and prosperous 2011!

The Logo Mix Team

With black and white logos you can't hide behind a gradient, a color effect or some shades of powerful colors. You are "naked" with your shapes and ideas. The logo must be strong, simple yet extremely creative. From our logo design gallery we have gathered some fine examples of fine tuned black and white logos. Enjoy.

Looking for some tree based logo design inspiration? Look no further. We have selected ten awesome logo designs posted on The Logo Mix. Enjoy!