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This is a logo for a completely fictitious entity named IMPORTL, which could be an open source web development site, or some type of developer software.

The idea is that the triangular facets form a series of open holes, or "portals," in multidimensional space. The central facets can also be seen to form a cube which is open on three sides. Lying before each opening is another opening on that side's respective "floor," yet, in an Escher-like paradox, where spatial orientation is an irrelevant construct, there is no floor. There is no up, down, left, right, back, or forth. This hyperspatial environment suggests infinite possibilities for the arrangement, manipulation, and exchange of data.

For color, the idea is that the primary colors that form the central cube beget the secondary colors that rotate outward, suggesting expansion, transformation, evolution.

The mark employs a custom typeface that compliments the angularity of the mark.

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