Patricia's Firearms, Ammunition, & Beauty Supplies

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This logo for a completely fictitious company started when I noticed that the negative space with the letter P set in the typeface Blackoak looked a bit like a gun firing a bullet. This got me thinking of how interesting it would be if there were a super-girly, female-owned and operated boutique, catering only to women, which sells not only firearms and ammunition, but also beauty supplies. Everything a modern woman needs! Hey, if you're gonna make up a logo and a company to go with it, why not have a little fun with it? Here, the left side of the P reveals the profile of a gun barrel in negative space, while the negative space within the bowl of the P reveals a makeup brush, which doubles as a bullet being fired. The P mark, based on the Blackoak letterform, is constructed by hand, and the type for "Patricia's" is based on Archive Antique Extended, and is also constructed by hand. I did this because I wanted rounded corners and edges to give the logo a more feminine touch.

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