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Logo proposal for start-up loose leaf tea company.

The brand's values and messaging themes of freedom of choice & empowerment were heavily inspired by the U.S. civil rights movements of the '60s & '70s.

Target audience: People who want to belong to a "tea scene" for like-minded individuals, but don't find themselves aligning with any of the current tea-drinking demographics, and are often dismayed by the negative stigmas surrounding tea.

Tone: Should reflect the era, but avoid overly militaristic or psychedelic themes. Should portray boldness & strength, while still being fun, energetic, & youthful.

Rationale: Inspired by Saul Bass and Paul Rand, this concept depicts the personal relationship one has with tea. True tea lovers enjoy all aspects of tea drinking, from the selection of responsibly sourced organic teas, to the paraphernalia, to the rituals. This idea suggests the nurturing and fostering of one's very own quality tea experience, found in a company the target audience can finally relate to.

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