Smart PR with unconventional business card

We all know that promotion needs a little "extra" to really hit the spot. It seems Peter Shankman had that "extra" when he decided to go for an unconventional business card.

His business cards look odd - round shaped, they look exactly like a Casino Chip. It's really hard not to remember it if you get one - I think this is a brilliant PR idea. No conventional business card can draw so much attention and there's no design to match the simplicity of the rounded chip.

This is, however, not the first attempt of PR professionals to come up with something memorable in regards to business cards. There are holographic business cards, 3-D and Braille cards as well.

While the Chip Card idea is a cool one, I have to disagree with Peter when he labels the card: "the next generation of business cards". The business chip idea works if it's done once, maybe twice. If this business chip gets adopted by more people, the "cool" factor fades and there will be nothing special about it.

However, so far I think he managed to create some buzz around this new business card and it surely is a great achievement for him.