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Do you believe in luck? Well, I do. Let me explain why… I believe in luck because I really feel lucky. I get to work on various design projects and I just feel really, really lucky. Is this an objective statement? I highly doubt it.

One of the secrets of being a good logo designer is to get inspired by other people’s logo work. As one famous author put it: “It usually helps me write by reading – somehow the reading gear in your head turns the writing gear.” (Steven Wright)

The large american pizza chain recently unveiled a new logo. It’s flat, round and of course, red.

As we’ve seen with a lot of new logo redesigns, companies tend to follow the trend of simplifying their logos. They mostly do that to stay current - Apple and Google, both push a very clean and relatively flat design for their devices, and believe it or not, the tech world influences a lot the rest of the world.

In the logo design world, there used to be a consensus. The de facto standard software for creating logo designs was Adobe Illustrator. There was a good reason for this: there was no real alternative to Illustrator on neither Windows or Mac platforms.

The right combination of components is critical in crafting an effective logo design. Now, the prime object of a logo design is magnetize its planned market and to stand out. With the resultant number of logo designs being made and the growing variety of logo design firms being invented, it is difficult to make your business logo memorable for your customers.

Successful Logo design is incredibly important. Whether you are starting a new business or redoing an existing logo if you aren’t thinking about how to get inside people’s heads, then you may be missing the point.

A couple of weeks ago, we were approached by a local hockey team here in Montreal.

They told us they were playing their first international game at a tournament in Atlantic City and that they needed a brand new logo.