Very Cool Bird Logo Designs

I was truly surprised by the multitude and variety of bird logo designs out there. I was expecting it to be a rich subject and to find a diversity of bird logo designs, but it seems that almost every logo designer has tried his hand and creativity with a bird logo in a way or another. In today's logo selection you'll also notice a great variety of styles and techniques applied, which can be only inspiring. The truth is we have a huge amount of famous birds out there… starting with the Phoenix bird that raised out of her own ashes, the mighty eagle that flies the American nation, the parrot which is the symbol of the Maya culture, the hen which is on every box of eggs, the chick (no comment here), the hawk with his amazing eye sight, the owl with its wisdom, the doves, well known as the love birds, and the list could go on and on… and of course, how could I forget the little bird that tweets on our screens continuously. Instead of continuing to list them here, I'll let you observe them in their natural logo design habitat, as some very talented logo designers displayed them. Check out this extensive selection of very cool bird logo designs!

Chic Logo by VikkiV


Animal Search Logo by Nicholas Hood


Linea Lore Logo by John Brandosterone


Relief Logo by Max Kyshtymov


Endeavor Logo by Trish Schaefer


Sky Logo by Milos Radojevic


Owl Shot Group Logo by yektapour


Niteowl Logo by Mike Bruner


Darkneggs Logo by Alek Chmura


Iceagle Logo by Anghelaht


Hend Logo by tickey


Paloma Logo by leighton_hubbell


Custos Logo by andrea orazzo


Love Doves Logo by ancitis


Greenline Group Logo by Roman


Falcon Express Logo by ru_ferret


Henland Logo by ru_ferret


Pelican Logo by ru_ferret


Pavlin Logo by ru_ferret


Falcon Ridge Logo by Glen Hobbs


Craft Tweets Logo by tickey


Funny Bird Logo by Peter


Expo Riviera Maya Logo by Daniel Poot


Dark Bird Logo by Andrei Gadoiu


IWBF Logo by The Design Firm


Big Bird Logo by Gareth Hardy


Notesfla Logo by Anthony Rincon


Kolibri Logo by almosh82


Wild Soul Logo by Chariot