creepy logo design

People are usually afraid of what they don't know, of the things they can't understand and control. I assume this is the case with monsters and ghosts. But, in an age without myths and fairytales, people needed to handle those concepts in some way, so they transformed them into something casual, friendly and fun. They also emptied these concepts of their original meaning and gave them an abstract understanding. Most of us live two types of lives in the same time... one in the real world and another one in the virtual space. Monsters and ghosts find a renewed life in the virtual space. Emptied of the content from the real life, they begin to live again in the world of gaming and internet.

Halloween is just around the corner and every big brand out there is decorating their logo. Google has done an excellent job in decorating their logo over the years, so I can't wait to see what they have in the bag for us this time. We didn't decorate our logo, didn't carve any pumpkins, but instead, we made a selection of creepy logo designs for you this Halloween. We were impressed by the extensive imagination and the high level of details and we just thought that these logos were excellently executed. Have a look and maybe these creepy logo designs will inspire you for your Halloween costume this year. Boohoo!