Bugs Club

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one day there'll be a club like that .... with very sexy bugs ...

Logo for sale. Please contact the designer.

love this one! it's so gorgeous.

oh thanks ... it's a bit disgusting for some people ... but I like it too !!

great design is never disgusting, man!!! :-)))

Amazing, I hate bugs so Id definitely dance on the table :o)

CRISTIAN ... GIRLS ONLY !!! Bugs ... you know ... we call them Bugs .... ;D

I didn't know that 'bugs' were a synonymous for 'girls', like 'chicks' :-P

where I live there are some rustic rooms/pubs where you can really dance on the tables, so I associated it with the fact that the bugs could force you to do it :-D LOL

that is a great example how confusing communication might be ... crossing cultural frontieres ... I love bugs ...

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