Famous Logo Design History: Adidas

ADIDAS is a name that stands for professionalism and high quality in all sectors of sport around the globe. Today, the Adidas brand product range extends from shoes, apparel and accessories for basketball, soccer, fitness and training to adventure, trail and golf.

The company was founded by Adolf (Adi) Dassler, who started making shoes in the 1920s with the help of his brother Rudolf Dassler who later put the basis for the rival shoe company Puma. Adi Dassler's aim was to provide every athlete with the best sport equipment and based his work on designing the best sport shoes, protecting the athlete from injury, and making the product durable.

For many years, the only symbol associated with Adidas was the trefoil (flower) logo design. The leaves stand for the Olympic spirit, with links to the three continental plates. In 1972, the trefoil was set as the official corporate logo design.

In January 1996 though, "the trefoil'' has evolved to "the three stripe" as a symbol of the futuristic performance and the company decided that the trefoil corporate identity would only be used on heritage products. The Three-Stripe brand mark became the worldwide Adidas corporate logo.

This logo stands for performance and represents the future of the Adidas corporate identity. This symbol has identified itself with Adidas and its dedication to producing high-quality sport products to help athletes perform at their best. The 3 stripes on the Adidas logo represents mountain heights, with regard to the challenges ahead and the goals that can be pursued and achieved. Black color theme appeals to the youth culture, but also inspires passion for sports and athletic activities.

The baby brother logo and the last brought into Adidas family is Adidas Style Essentials. The main focus of Style Essentials is to give adi freaks premium access to styles and designs products, a choice like never before. They target consumers who are looking for exclusive, style-leading products that have relevant and differentiating characteristics. The Style Essentials Logo design typically feature three parallel bars in constant link to the Adidas corporate logo.