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Out of all our everyday gadgets, the most common thing that we are using is probably our mobile phone.

1st of June is on its way and everyone is thinking about children, the ones around us or the little kid hidden inside our souls… So we're dedicating this post to all the children out there… When designing a children logo, be it for apparel, toy, foundation or event, as designers we need to reach inside ourselves for a certain sensibility, we need to go back to basics and make use of simple elements and colors. The communication through design has to be straight forward, striped of anything that is not really necessary, reduced to the most important things. No matter how light or intricate your style is, when designing with children in mind, the idea needs to speak to the little ones as much as to the adults, the design needs to be on the common ground of playfulness and simplicity. Most of all though, the design addressed to children must tell a story without words, the logo needs to be "readable" to those who can't read yet. Check out this beautiful selection of children logo designs and reach for the child inside yourself.

We're back, alive and kicking with designers' interview here at The Logo Mix, and this time we're featuring a young logo designer, young not only by age, but also by the short period of time since he's joined the logo designers' guild. With a background in Economics, designing logos only from a couple of years ago, Felix has already made an impact, his logo work being recognized by prestige galleries such as the Logolounge and featured around the logo design community websites. He's also won The Logo of the Month, here at The Logo Mix a couple of times with the well known "OKstag" and the lovely "Polar Bear", so he's already inspired and is well appreciated by our gallery visitors. Felix has been kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions for us and here you can enjoy the resulting interview.

The logo of the month top ten blog post is here, featuring the best logo designs posted on the Logo Mix Gallery in the month of April 2012. We've had some great logo designs posted last month, which made the decision to select only ten designs, difficult enough. We put our heads together and, heavy heartedly, pushed out of the list a few of our favorites to give you the best of the best logo designs. Check out the greatest top logo designs of the month of April 2012 and leave a nice comment for the worthy designers.

We're here with our second run on which one's better, Before & After logo design comparison, an initiative that invites you to comment on visual achievement of rebranding programs. We don't have the data to judge a rebranding program and that's not the scope of these series of blog posts, but as designers, we can take a look and comment on which one's more visually appealing… the before logo, the one that was discarded as being old and useless or the after one, the result of an entire creative (and not only creative) and expensive (almost always) process. So grab your shrew tongue and state your thoughts.

We're all used to working on multiple projects in the same time, and the comfort and times of working on just one project at a time are long gone. In a fast paced environment, with entrepreneurs launching start-ups on a daily basis, everyone wants their branding projects done yesterday, if possible. As freelancers, self-employed designers or even as employees we find ourselves in the position to manage multiple tasks in the same time. Also, with the hype of the mobile world, staying in sync with your projects and connected with you co-workers at all times is extremely important. Thus, the need of having a very good task management app to handle your daily to-dos and organize you work becomes vital. Here are five of the best tasks management tools (either free or at an affordable cost) to help you out with your daily work routine. If you use some other to-do applications that are cool and worth sharing, drop us a line.

We stated before that typography is crucial in a logo design project, and sometimes, instead of browsing through hundreds of ready designed typefaces, designers choose to create their own typography, giving a unique slant and appearance to their logo designs. This isn't an easy task, and it requires special knowledge of method and craft, but the outcome may be simply outstanding, assuring the uniqueness of the logo design, something we all long for when designing a brand identity. To give you food for thought, today we have an amazing selection of beautiful typography work for your inspiration. Carefully crafted using different methods and styles, these artwork pieces are the result of incredible hard work and amazing creativity. Check it out and leave a comment for the impressive artists, who created them.