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We've had some cool logos posted here on The Logo Mix logo design gallery in the month of October 2011, out of which we've selected a handsome top ten. It was a close race and the winner detached itself based solely on a great idea. Check out the monthly top ten best logo designs and leave a congrats message for the winners.

You've got to love the fall! Absolute beautiful landscapes, lots of colorful celebrations, dimmed out sunshine for perfect getaways in the nature… a real treat!  Beyond everything we've got the pumpkin as a real symbol of the fall… carved pumpkins for Halloween, pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving… you name it! To celebrate the fall we've gathered some cool pumpkin logo designs and beautiful illustrations to go along with them. Check them out and get inspired!

I'm thinking doughnuts... yummy! But a post about doughnut logo designs? Really? Well, you're in for a surprize as I've discovered some really creative "doughnuts" here. I'm just thinking that we had a doughnut as the logo of the month in September, so there's your extra reason. Check out this cool selection of doughnut logo designs and discover creative styles and unexprected approaches and functionality for something that you thought was just for eating. Savour these!

We're up and running again with the thematic logo design selections, which are intended to be a creative and inspirational resource for a certain category of logo designs. With these selections we're trying to approach a certain niche of logos looking at it from different creative angles, from the way different designers approached the subject to the design solutions proposed and implemented with these logos. Today it is time for beautiful and creative fish logo designs, a category of logo designs that apply to a diversity of industries using huge resources of creative interpretation and solutions. Beyond the functionality, notice the diverse stylistic interpretation, the playful concepts and the imprint of the logo designer's personality on the final outcome. Take a look at this cool selection of fish logo designs and get inspired.

We had a good run again in September here at The Logo Mix, with loads of cool submissions and a tough time deciding the top ten. It was a close race and I feel that any of the logos in the top five could have made it to the logo of the month. But somehow we had to decide on a ranking. Enjoy the selection and leave a praise for the winners.

It's a sad day for all Apple fans and not only… as Steve Jobs, a man of great inspiration and passion, has past away. His vision has influenced our lives by making technology beautiful. Designers across the world have stopped for a moment to remember a great man. Here's memento of their tribute to Steve Jobs. An inspiration and a visionary has past... But we're still living his dream! Check out http://www.apple.com/stevejobs

Even if it's been a couple of very busy weeks since I came back from holiday, I often go back in my mind to the beautiful places of Italy I've recently visited. Back then, sipping from a gorgeous Italian wine I was thinking that it would be interesting and inspiring to post something about Italian wine labels. I've selected some very interesting wine labels from Veneto and Tuscany regions and I've noticed the same interest for fine art and tasteful design that you'll fine anywhere in Italy. Check out these beautiful and inspiring Italian wine label designs.

Anyone who's been to Italy should have tasted at least one of the Mulino Bianco products. Mulino Bianco is an iconic Italian brand and known well beyond the borders of its origin country. It started as a family business, like all great Italian brands and became a global success through developing excellent products and great marketing. We've put together a series of logo design and package images from the history of Mulino Bianco company, elements that we thing are of great inspiration for any designer.

After a couple of days spent in Vienna, we went to Italy for the bulk part of our holiday. Italy is an amazing country where you can refill your batteries, regain the joy of living and get inspired just by looking around you. We've photographed almost every corner of everywhere we went in hope of retaining the feel of the place, but the truth is you need to be there, to immerse yourself in the Italian culture to be able to enjoy it fully. Again, I've selected a handful of photographs we took in our vacation, great motifs that I've found at street corners, motifs that could inspire you in your logo designs creations and maybe give you a taste and determine you to go visit those great places.

I spent a couple of days of my holiday in Vienna this year, an amazing city that transpires culture and history. Even if I've seen them before, I took another tour of their great buildings, but I followed something in particular this time. I went for details, coat of arms imprints and insignia of the great Austrian empire. I found them to be a great inspiring resource, bringing up a wealth of craftsmanship and heritage.

Even if we've had a massive amount of great logo design posted on the Logo Mix Gallery this month, even if we've got a headache trying to sort out the top ten out of probably thirty great logos that were as good as our final picks, even if we considered expanding the top selection (in the end we decided not to do it) to incorporate more logo designs, the logo of the month of August 2011 detached itself easily, and there were no dubs about it. Check out our monthly top selection and get inspired!

I went out to see "Cowboys and Aliens" movie last weekend and, as expected, apart from the trailer scenes and a few other flying and fighting scenes, the movie was rubbish. But, when you have Indiana Jones, James Bond and Dr. House's assistant costarring together you've got to see that movie. Anyway, there were some pretty cool flying scenes in there that I really enjoyed so I thought to honor that by putting together a nice flying objects logo design collection. I was sure that rockets and airplanes inspired designers to create something cool and, as you'll see, I wasn't wrong at all. I was over 30 y.o. when I got to fly via airplane for the first time and, apart from a few hick-ups,  I must admit I enjoyed it very much. Its a cool sensation to get against gravity with a huge and heavy object and a hundred other people. And the scenery and landscapes were absolutely magnificent. But enough of that, let's start our week with a very cool selection of flying objects logo designs, planes and rockets logos that were meant to explore the universe and go beyond the sky of logo design.

Even if the hand drawing is not my strong asset, when designing a logo, before starting up Illustrator, I still use a pen to scribble something on a piece of paper… a sketch, couple of lines, rough ideas for a layout… they all take shape first by using a pen on a piece of paper. Even if technology got in our way, we still need that ancient contact between the pen and the paper to spiel the ideas out of our heads. A pen and a sketch notebook are essential to any designer. To pay tribute to the essential tools we use everyday, we present you a selection of beautiful writing tools logo designs. Pens, paper, pencils, crayons... they all make our life as logo designers easier each day. Check out this cool collection of writing tools logo designs.

For our midweek logo selection we prepared a very cool collection of dog logo designs. Varying from cute to fears, from natural looking to bionic or toyish, you'll find a great variety of dog logo designs concepts and styles. Now everyone knows that the dog is considered the man's best friend, a symbol for loyalty, playfulness and friendship. But in the same time a dog logo concept could explore more than that, developing the idea of care, training or pathfinder. Check out this cool selection of dog logo design and get inspired to maybe design you own pet logo design.

I was truly surprised by the multitude and variety of bird logo designs out there. I was expecting it to be a rich subject and to find a diversity of bird logo designs, but it seems that almost every logo designer has tried his hand and creativity with a bird logo in a way or another. In today's logo selection you'll also notice a great variety of styles and techniques applied, which can be only inspiring. The truth is we have a huge amount of famous birds out there… starting with the Phoenix bird that raised out of her own ashes, the mighty eagle that flies the American nation, the parrot which is the symbol of the Maya culture, the hen which is on every box of eggs, the chick (no comment here), the hawk with his amazing eye sight, the owl with its wisdom, the doves, well known as the love birds, and the list could go on and on… and of course, how could I forget the little bird that tweets on our screens continuously. Instead of continuing to list them here, I'll let you observe them in their natural logo design habitat, as some very talented logo designers displayed them. Check out this extensive selection of very cool bird logo designs!