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I believe that a sport is as famous as it is able to attract sponsors and ignite the passion of the fans. Also I think it's to do with the number of people watching that particular sport live on a stadium or arena or via internet and television. There is one more thing though. People and companies get involved as sponsors and supporters because they want to be associated with that sport, in our case tennis. They want to be associated with what that sport means and stands for.

I must admit that it was easier to make the selection of feminine logos than it was to find logos with truly masculine characteristics. Manhood has changed its core, it has become more sophisticated and diverse and in some cases more effeminate. Take for example the metrosexuals, a softer version of men living in a capitalist culture with a strong concern for their appearance. The wild spirit of the true man seem to have faded away, or at least dissipated and become a rara avis. The men have changed since the day they were branding the cows with the fiery iron and so were the type of branding that is addressed to them.

I just love google logo. No, not the multicolored one but the doodle logos they have with each event they find noteworthy. They did something especially nice today to celebrate the 183-rd birthday anniversary of visionary and most creative writer Jules Verne.

Starting with the feminist revolution women became key target for marketers. As they began to make their own decisions regarding not only themselves, but also their families and households, marketers have begun to target their branding options towards the feminine public. More and more products were developed to address especially to women and, in the latest years, we've seen a trend in redesigning and rebranding for women products and services that use to be addressed only to men. As women were more involved socially and received responsibilities that only men used to undertake, companies had to create or recreate products and services addressed to the new target.

We've seen a great start this year here at The LogoMix with an almost double number of monthly logos posted on our gallery. Following that line, the process of selecting the best design of the month was almost twice as hard. To select the best logo for the first month of 2011 we've considered the level of details, the character and the impact of the logos selected. On the short list you'll find not only very well illustrated logos, but also very smart ideas that caught our eye.

The history of the company goes back to 1909 when August Horch founded the company and named it Audi, a Latin translation of his own name. "Audi" was actually the Latin word for "hear", which in German is sometimes pronounced "hoerch". At the time Horch founded the company, the logo had little in common with today's logo or the famous "four rings". It consisted of the writing of Audi in a V-shape and the number 1 on top.

Question: Can you brand a company using numbers? Answer: Affirmative. Numbers are strong symbols that we can understand without having to read an actual word. You write for example "1" and your mind automatically reads "one". This is a strong asset in a world that's full speed ahead and the time to read and memorize things is very tight.

As a logo designer I like to keep an eye on the corporate world and the high end visual identity development. The case studies of those identities are a handbook from which there's so much to learn as a designer. Among the websites I like to keep in touch with are Tony Spaeth's Identity Works, Brand New and Behance. They post updates and reviews on corporate, famous and big budget identity programs and their insights are always pertinent and relevant. For this post I was thinking to make a selection of great logo redesign programs that were undertaken in 2010 and are worth mentioning as they are a source for logo design inspiration and design trend setters. Most of the logos are to be found on the websites mentioned with in-depth analysis. Take a look at these logo redesigns and I'm sure that, like myself, you'll find them a great source of inspiration.

Sometimes the white space, or the negative space speaks more than the touch of a designer's pen or mouse. Smart designers work not only with the stroke of color, but also with the empty space around or in between it. It amazes me sometimes what logo designers achieve by designing around the negative space. I've selected some very smart logo designs posted here on The Logo Mix that make you understand more than you can actually see. In those cases what you don't see is what you should actually get. Some of those logos we are able to understand quickly being more "in your face", while others, even if they seem obvious to the trained designer's eye, they are harder to get from the first glance and take a longer time to stare at them to see everything the designer has to transmit.

Being organized is a must for a logo designer, especially when dealing with clients that are hectic and all over the place. When dealing with such a client, unless you want to go on forever with the logo design process you must have some procedures in place. Any client will appreciate a well structured logo design process, it will help both the client and the designer to focus on the important things, the things that will get to a satisfying result for both parties.

We've put together a check list that is easy to follow and will give you all the premises to successfully complete a logo design process.

Happy New Year everyone from us here at The Logo Mix. We wish everyone, including ourselves, a successful new year. So stay tuned and get inspired!

For the upcoming year The Logo Mix team has prepared a series of good surprises that we'll unveil shortly, things that, we hope, will make your visits at The Logo Mix even more pleasant and inspiring.

Its probably time to finalize your Christmas card if you're like me you'll be sending it in the last minute. I've put together a collection of cool Christmas free fonts (obviously from dafont.com and fontspace.com) that could go with either a classic type card or a funky one. This will help you to get your Christmas card ready in time before Santa gets down the chimney.

Winter Holidays are swiftly approaching and everyone is decorating something. Decorations create atmosphere and remind us of the upcoming Season. Big companies are undertaking huge design projects to decorate their logos for Holidays, but here's a quick and easy tip that you could do to give your logo a Christmas feel.

Religion works expressively with symbols and metaphors, images that reflect and explain a metaphysical world, a world that transcends the primary senses and it is addressed to the mind and spirit. In time, church has defined and used symbols that now have obvious meaning for the practicing believer. "To read" a church logo you need to be aware of the meaning of the metaphors used, you need to be familiar with the icons in order to decipher the message.

With the Holiday Season approaching all we hear is about the Christmas spirit which seem to be shopping these days. The Christmas songs invite us to calm and peace, but they don't seem to rich to the frenzy in our minds. There is a phrase saying that money make the world go round. One might know better, but if we are true to ourselves we must agree that things seems to spin around money. A Happy Christmas means lots of gifts, decorations and food... the holiday seems to go through our wallet first. So before looking for some season appropriate designs it only feels natural to research some financing logos first.