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We have some hot and spicy logo selection ready to inspire you today. Looking into chili and pepper logo designs I've found a surprisingly large diversity in the way this small and hot thing is used as a design element. From restaurants to design and street wear you'll find the chili used in the most creative way to express something edgy, powerful, with great impact. Check out this hot selection of super creative chili logo designs.

We'll end this week with an amazing selection of portrait logo designs. I think you need to be a very accomplished designer to be able to pull this off the right way. It's about creating expression, posture and feel and, as we're talking logo design, beyond everything, I think it is important  to carefully select the right amount of details. In today's logo designs you'll see a full range of portrait logos varying from simple to most complex, from few lines portraits to intricate and minutely detailed art works. Check out these awesome portrait logo designs and get inspired!

We've seen great logo designs this month at The LogoMix, we've witnessed amazing creativity and inspiring work. However, there have been a couple of logo designers that marked the month of July 2011 here at The LogoMix with their outstanding work. For the past few months they constantly had at least one logo listed in our Logo of the month selections. This month they inspired us with great designs, from which we selected two logo designs to be listed in out top ten. One of those logos made it to the Logo of the month in July 2011. Congrats L&B, and thanks for all your contribution to this gallery! Check out the top selection of last month's best logo designs.

There's royalty and royalty. Royalty by blood, that means you were born with a certain pedigree and most of all, that you were born with the opportunities that come with the title; and there's royalty by nature that means trying to elevate yourself, create and grab opportunities that were not given to you by rank. When it comes to logo design, "royalty" becomes an adjective, a characteristic that stands for highest class, exquisite taste and perfection, top of the line and trend setting. Check out this selection of amazing royal logo designs that try to give a noble rank to the brands they represent.

My wife keeps a cooking blog and she's asked me to design a logo for her. Now I must admit it's been a while since she asked, but I finally got to start working on it. I start every project with a research to see what's out there, not only to get inspired, but also to be able to differentiate. Looking around for interesting cooking logos, I ended up with this cool collection of cooking logo designs, that I decided to share with you. I'll keep you posted as I go on with the process, but for now, check out this amazing cooking and food logo designs.

It is time to take a break. Turn off your computer and your cell phone, sink into that comfy chair, put your feet up on the table and have a sip. Red, white or rose, a glass of good wine is always nice after a long day. Not sure how wine works on creativity, but creativity always works nice on wine labels, as designers seem to be inspired to create amazing wine related logo designs. Check out this grand collection of beautifully designed wine logo designs.

From the very beginning of mankind humans tried to leave their mark wherever they lived. Even today we have the famous cave paintings and ancient sculptures made some thousands of years ago. Everywhere we go we feel the need to somehow say "I was here." There is a certain style to this scribblings, some sort of sketchy, doodle style that all of them share. This style seems to work fine in logo design today. It is that type of creative, but with sort of a studied negligence to it, almost childish way of drawing. It is playful and fun but in the same time can work very well in conveying a certain message. The doodle logos are mostly monochromatic, but are surprisingly well used to brand a diversity of business types.  Here are some cool logos done in this sketchy doodle style that are fun and inspiring. Check them out!

They all have weapons and they all fight with passion for what they believe in. Even if its a real fight or a fight in the kitchen or the design studio they all can be called warriors in a way or the other. When it comes to passion and ideals designers often choose to use the image of a warrior to express these attributes and characteristics. Check out this cool selection of warriors logo design that start with fighters on the field and end with cook captains and design bruisers.

We live on a mobile trend that accentuates on a daily basis. Office work tends to move more and more online because of our need for freedom and constant movement. We all dream of working sitting on a rocking chair and sipping pina colada, tapping on our mobile phone. We dedicate this post to this dream of ours. Check out these cool logo designs made for mobile companies, the ones that fuel our freedom and mobility dream.

We love celebrations here at the Logo Mix, especially if they give us a reason for another cool logo design blogpost. The entire US population is celebrating their national day, and as it seems many others are celebrating with them. All those that have friends and family there, wish them all the best and a heartfelt "Happy Birthday". To mark the celebration day of a great nation, we made a selection of genuine american logo designs, completed by some special 4th of july logos. "Happy Birthday" Americans!

A very though selection for the logo of the month in june 2011 here at the Logo Mix. Lots of great logos posted in the gallery this month, which made it hard to select the top ten. But the fact that none of the logos detatched itself as a winner it was even harder to select the logo of the month. These said, I think most of the logos in the top ten could have made it as the logo of the month, but the winner detached itself through the fact that there's something special about it, something that draws the eye and makes it memorable. Check out the selection, I'm sure you'll find it inspiring.

Mascots are mainly fun characters with a very emphasized feature that makes them easy recognizable and have them stand for something. Simple or sophisticated, they manage to put a smile on your face. As with many other things, designers borrowed the idea behind the concept of a mascot and manage to use it successfully in designing logos. Similar to a mascot, a logo needs to have a highly emphasized feature, it needs to stand out for something and be easy recognizable. Take a look at this cool mascot type logo designs and see if logo designers manage to transpose that into their logos, be the judge of it yourself. Some mascot logos are really cool design achievements.

It's summer and a little bit of green seems to be in place. Just for a moment there I would exchange the hot keyboard of my macbook, the desk and the chair with a patch of grass, a shady tree and a cool creek. But as the weekend is supposed to be rainy and thus a getaway in the nature further away, I was thinking to replace it with a virtual selection of landscape logo designs. Surprisingly beautiful and serene, just looking at these logos relaxes you. Check out this cool selection of gorgeous landscape logo designs.

I've posted before about Google doodle logos (the awesome Jules Verne anniversary doodle logo), but as they keep coming up with exceptionally well designed anniversary logos we've decided to post again on the subject. Google doodle logos will always be a great source of inspiration as the freedom of construction, the liberty of styles and the ingenuity are of highest class. Here's a selection of exceptional Google doodles that you might have catch during the first half of 2011. Not all of them ran globally though and you might find some very nice surprizes, especially those where Google is hard to read (even if you know its there). Here are cool Google doodles that we love and that we think are very inspiring. (P.S. Despite its simplicity, i must admit I love the Peruvian election logo.)

Everyone would assume that it is easy enough to design a face logo. Take two small circles for the eyes, a vertical line to suggest the nose and a curvy one for the mouth and there you have it. It would take a lot more than that to create an expression though, even a simple one. We express most of our states and emotions through our faces' mimics, and they are so unique and intricate that it would be very tricky to transpose them into design. I must confess that I admire very much the designers that have the skills and the keen perception to filter the multitude of details into a face expression and use only a limited amour of details to transmit the right state of mind or emotion. Check out these very cool faces and expressions logo designs and you'll find them inspiring, from the simplest to the most complex one!